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yorkers woke up and grabbed their coffee and ran to the tweeter as jim harbaugh would say to vote for the mets' third base man or mlb decided they could not let a relative unknown win this contest. you decide. i say they stole it from sogard. the a's over came their anguish to beat the giants in the cactus league 7-6. norris with a homer for the a's. two score less and striking out davis. vogel song with his first of the season. it goes to buster posey for the tag. this gay has overcome mullet -- this guy has overcome multiple surgeries. he can hit. the giants beat the brew crew 4-3. finally the nba has asked lebron james to stop wearing his black mask he is using to protect his broken nose. the league wants a clear mask. why? i don't know. they won't say. if he wants to look like hannibal lecter who has a problem with that? free lebron! abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. i would love to wear that mask. >> he is already intimidating enough. >> and management wants me to wear a mask i think. >> at least a bag. >> something. >> thanks, larry. >>> well, abc7 is the o
such as the america's cup. >> welcome aboard take your seat gentlemen ladies >> for the past 20 years jim has been a mainly figure at coast guard auxiliary flow till a. >> your title actual title. >> currently i'm a commander. >> like many in the auxiliary he has prayer military service. in the navy. boy he has some stories. >> well i got shot in the head here. still a cease in my skull where you can feel the bullet path as it creased my skull what a headache. >>reporter: he told me he got 2 purple heart in vietnam. that's the ribbon at the top. in the middle with the gold star. and 2 bronze stars. red and blue ribbon at the top left with gold star and v for value already. above those gold tried interest. insignia given to navy seals. >> i was naval intelligence and i was trained as frog man and so you call, today you call them safe neals. i was young pickup. >>reporter: navy site. long time ago. >>reporter: tall tale caught up to him by veteran to expose the phoney. somebody snapped the picture last year and posted it to the fake warrior web site for identification. finally a member o
combine wrapped up today in indianapolis. jim harbaugh still a niner. and san jess yeah state benwickery ran. and he makes highlight stumbling. here, he's slowing down. turning it into a somersault. this is a great ad lib. that is going to be style points. this video sent to us from usf on insfa gram. you didn't dunk it. >> no. he did dunk he did dunk. if you're dunking out there send us your video. and we'll put it on. there are many up there. >> you can do what you want. >> join me tonight at 9:00, a social media fire storm over breast feeding. what one u.s. airline told a mother she could, and could not do on the flight. at 9:00 >> then, on abc7 news at 11:00 beating the system to land reservations at san francisco hottest restaurants. >> and oscar sunday is sunday, you'll be able to watch on your smart phone or tablet. >> you can watch to get access to what's happening back stage to the moments everyone will be talking about. >> that is it for this edition in abc7 news >> thanks for watching. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better
years jim van bleat has been a major figure in flotilla 1291 >> your title? >> i'm a commander. >> like many, he has prior military service. in the navy. and boy, he has some stories. he told me he got two purple hearts in vietnam. that is the ribbon at the top. in the middle with a gold star. >> i got tossed in the air by a mortar round like in the movies you go up, come back down on your head. >> two bronze stars. with a gold star and v, for valor. . >> i don't usually talk about my medals and actions i was in until after midnight. half bottle of tech keela. >> about those, a gold trident. given to navy s.e.a.l.s. van bleat told me he wen on s.e.a.l. patrols to provide coordinates for bombing runs and he carried out a secret s.e.a.l. mission into north korea after capturing u.s. intelligence ship the pueblo. >> very frightening. we thought we're going to be vaporized. >> his tall tales caught up to him by a new push by veterans to expose phonies. someone snapped this picture and posted it to fake warriors web site. finally a february of the local coast guard was browsing pictures and
in the bigs. jim is not as tests to rope filled as balance 4. raining balance 4 all that stuff more calm and collected. does have some fire in him that is good. i think we'll be very pleased what we get out of him. >>reporter: i wondered how much catcher talk to hitter during the at bat. when hand the plate any conversation going on when a guy comes up. >> for me i have to be a little bit careful because i still am very youngest if the gale. not really my position i'd say quite yet to unleash 100 percent of my dry hum or. i definitely think it's a great part of the gale. not in any type of which to 0if he said nebraska but just to have fun. >>reporter: with the a's abc 7 sports. >> got grit personality. no clem basketball team has ever gone 30 and o in a regular season until tonight. $used to hear more and more about wichita state as we get close to tournament time. shocker. deep veteran team baker here. strong to the the rack and throwing it down. baker catches. shoot 3. up 29-22 on bradley. in peoria. if it plays, there it's anthony early for 3 and cotton with authority
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5